First of all, the Americans had a long process of brainwashing by feminism. As a result the attentions and courtship behavior in the traditional sense have become impossible. Nowadays the courtship behavior means you invite a girl to dinner or somewhere else, you pay (or you pay separately) for this entertainment and listen to her complaints about men, the cause of her hatred for them, etc.

Then you say goodbye to the restaurant, and she leaves or you are taking her home, where you may be (or may not) get a kiss and even some hugs. That's it. (Occasionally you can meet a girl who will share with you a bed during the first night. After that she will write a check mark on her list of trophies, and you will do the same. Because it is only for fun, both of you did not plan any long term relations) . Well if you do some hints that the girl does not like at all, she can interpret them as “aggressive " or sexual behavior , then you will spend the evening alone. In other words, the U.S. women have all the best cards in a hand, and if you play recklessly or make a mistake, you are in big trouble.
Russian girl - on the contrary - listen to your opinion and expects that you will plan the rest and lead. She will give you a strange look if you will not help her to sit up, pulling a chair, will not take off her coat (in the winter) and order the meals by yourself- asking her before what does she prefer to eat and drink, in general , if you are not acting as a gentleman. A sense of humor is always welcome, and a concept of fashion or the ability to wear something else besides of the sports sneakers and jeans will be appreciated. Also, do not expect a smile on her face, if you decided to impress her with bad words that you just learned in her country. It will be just stupid looking. In Russia and Ukraine men use a bad language in the presence of women very seldom. And when you see a very attractive girl next to a completely unprepossessing man, just know - at the very least, she found him a very reliable with all the best merits she needed.