According to the U.S. Department of Justice over the last 10 years in the United States from Russia and the CIS countries had moved more than 100,000 brides and 90 percent of them became wives of American men.
And statistics demonstrates that the flow of Russian women in America is growing. This is not surprising. Only in the “World Wide Web “at the moment there are more than 800 American and Russian marriage and dating agencies .
The fact that in Russia there are more beautiful women than in America is obvious. But it does not mean that Americans are obsessed with Russian ladies or that any Russian will be in demand. Of course, the model graduated from Harvard will have many admirers. But ordinary Russian girl in the eyes of Americans is as alien as the girls from Latin America, Europe and Asia, among which there are also very cute ladies. So the idea about the enchanting beauty of all Russian girls - no more than a fairy tale. On the contrary, many American men have become very careful with Russian girls, considering them very materialistic, which are ready to do anything for a green card.

Every woman regardless of nationality wants to have a happy normal family, beloved and caring husband, healthy and happy children. Not all the Slav girls can find it at home. That is why a significant layer in the number of U.S. immigrants is Russian wives. Girls in Russia and Ukraine and raised in the beautiful classic family tradition, and for many Americans they are the best need. The marriage “American man + Russian woman” occurs often, but marriage” Russian man + American woman” is an exotic phenomenon. Also the marriage “black guy + white woman” is a common thing, but the “white boy + black woman “is a rarity.
However, the difference in mentality between the Russians and Americans does not scare anybody, if you have met "your" person, such meeting definitely will be with a happy ending: according to statistics, the divorce rate in international pairs no more than 1 %, while in America, this percentage reaches 50. And everyone knows that Americans value the marriage. Unfortunately, for various reasons, about one-third of American men are alone. But this information must add optimism to Russian women which in Russia are significantly more than men.
What else can surprise a girl from Russia the meeting with American man? Family relations: our women are used to do everything about the house: good housekeeping, care of the kids, the family, and of course they are used to work. In American society, the ideal model of the family is: wife as a housekeeper or a homemaker. She is also taking care of the kids.


Definitely there is some magic in appearance of the Russian women. They are very sensual, with a natural beauty. Starting from the figure, style and finishing accent ... They are obedient, loyal, honest, and open to entertainment, travel and they know how to enjoy the simple things.Amazing slavic girls

What Russian names do you know? Yelena (Elena), Natasha, Victoria, Catherine (Ekaterina), Anna ... Some of them are hard to remember because of the difficult pronunciation, but if remember, you will never forget them! About women's names