Not rare are cases when an innocent communication with a woman grows into a real devotion and as a result it turns out to be that you are dealing with a married lady. Such cases happen on Russian dating sites and even in dating agencies too. A quite logical question appears: married girls emerge on dating sites. Haven’t they found their happiness already? Reasons can be different, here are just some of them:
- Lack of attention from husband’s side. A quite widespread phenomenon, when a man ceases to pay attention to his partner, and she, in turn, misses tenderness and nice compliments.
- A wish to try virtual relations. As love in the net don’t happen to be adultery in fact, they bring a lot of new impressions, married women are specially interested in such an amusement.
- Striving for diversity in married life. This point is also a search for sex, but this time absolutely real one.
When getting acquainted with a Russian or Ukrainian married woman it is important to remember that willing or not one can turn out to be a cause of a rift in a family. Your actions shouldn’t affect her marriage in a bad way, if you feel that your communication goes too far – better back, don’t insist on real dates, your companion herself is likely to hardly take a passing intrigue seriously herself. If, on the contrary, an idea of development of your relations comes from her, before agreeing think if you are ready to be responsible for a broken family afterwards.
There are cases known when a woman strongly conceals her true status, but then a deceit is anyway revealed and a man takes a decision to stop a relationship with her. If you didn’t know that you got acquainted with a married girl who saw concealing this fact from her biography fit, don’t hurry to assault her with insinuations. If she acted so, it means that she most likely has serious reasons for this. Don’t ask your married beloved one about her family or, anyway, don’t give her any advices about it and don’t comment her strange act.

Eternal brides… Having found the only one, why do they open hunting season for men? Well, still waters run deep. Probably, married Russian women and girls are sometimes also unhappy, that’s why they try to organize their personal life, as well as free ladies do.


Social networks have become an alternative for dating sites and agencies for already more than 10 years. Combining a possibility of business communication, interest acquaintances and dating flirt they attract millions of new users. And Russian girls are not an exclusion. According to the statistics, in Russia 8 of 10 young women in the age of 40 have their accounts in social networks. For more details read our article ‘Facebook dating’