Men from France , Finland, England , USA, Germany , Poland, Italy just attacking Ukrainian dating sites with the advertisement : " I am looking for a beautiful slender girl for serious relationship and marriage " or " man from Europe for marriage " ...
During the Euro 2012 advertised Ukrainian beauty of women, their human qualities and family values caused simply incredible interest of single men all over the world. The total number of proposals from foreign men " to start a family with a Ukrainian " or " marry a Ukrainian " on the websites of marriage and dating agencies for the year increased in ten times. Everyone knows that in Ukraine are so many beautiful women. It is difficult to agree or disagree with this statement. Comparing Ukrainians with foreign women, we can say one thing: they are different. Ukrainian women love beautiful clothes and, indeed, most women are paying great attention to their appearance. Makeup, nice clothes, high heels ... And it attracts attention. It does not matter from them do they go to work or just visit a party or go for a walk: for most of them make-up - it's a matter of honor!
And despite of another stereotype that Ukraine is" famous "for - Ukrainian prostitutes (it is really sad fact, but do you think you do not have such a phenomenon in your country?) Most girls in Ukraine are raised in an atmosphere of chastity and modesty. Given that often Ukrainian men were engaged in the affairs of defense their land and went to war, the wives historically were forced to look after the house, and work and raise children. Therefore, Ukrainian wives are not only beautiful women, but also smart, independent, self-sufficient, strong and resourceful (to give a banquet from the empty fridge – only Ukrainian women can do it!) . Most of them are striving to achieve a career growth, but at the same time keeping the main value - family and children.
International marriages where the wife is Ukrainian woman are usually happy. But everything depends first of all on both partners. If they are ready to help to each other to build a strong family, if they do have a desire to forgive some small mistakes and to close their eyes to small quarrels and conflicts which will definitely appear according to the cultural shock and misunderstanding they will be really happy and their marriage will be successful. At first these marriages can be built on love, respect and their willing for adaptation to the living conditions in a foreign country for one of the partners. It is a long process and a lot of work for a couple and the more love, kindness, trust, desire to live with a person the whole life etc. they invest – the better results they will get. Of course you will have many troubles with a Ukrainian wife: different cultures, religion, and language barrier. All these problems can be overcome if a man will remember that in front of him there is a person, a woman, not a servant, embodying all his household and sexual dreams. Otherwise this marriage will not be happy and successful.