Modern Ukrainian historians testify to the residence of the ancient amazons in Sarmatia (the ancient territory of the modern Ukraine), retelling the ancient evidence: " Greek chroniclers called Sarmats the servants of the women. The name of the Ukrainian Amazons is" kosachka " in long braids of which were with a hair also combat weapons such as knives, that name became the name of the Ukrainian Cossacks, clearly show the historical connection between the Cossacks and Kosachki - the Ukrainian women-amazons. Actually, Ukrainians are different from the all Slav people, because the woman in the Ukrainian society has the same equal right in a family as a man, and sometimes she is even the head of the family.
In modern Ukrainian girls there is a blood of warriors, the Amazons. It is because Ukrainian women are distinguished by their strong character, endurance to various difficult conditions and hardships of life, have an unprecedented beauty and intelligence. All the nations of the world confirm the fact that Ukrainian woman is the most beautiful girl in the world. They should be grateful for their beauty to ancient Amazons and their blood, because the Amazons were smart enough and were well versed in the genes and growing children. They selected for themselves the most “appropriate” men to impregnate them, that to have a strong, beautiful, smart girl who can easily fill up the ranks of warriors in the future. What distinguishes the modern Ukrainian women?

The most important factor is a beauty; a Ukrainian woman is desirable for every man. Beautiful, charming and at the same time, a mysterious girl can turn everyone’s head. Female beauty was glorified in ancient times, and the ancients defined its secret, which is a harmony of the perfect of the female body and the beauty of the soul. The beauty is the ideal for every girl from Ukraine; it is a perfection, elegance and boundless charm. Read more here…
The sex appeal is, above all, confidence in his charm and magnetism, harmonious state of mind, as well as a love for life and people, and thus, the love for men. Most men like the direct, natural, with a special thrill, able to take care of herself, flirty, emotional, friendly Ukrainian woman. Read more…
Sexuality is a complex concept that includes many components, not only a nice appearance but also attractive manners, posture, light step, gestures, a tone of a voice, smell and shine in the eyes of the, state of mind . It is not enough just to have a beautiful appearance, that men lose their mind. Men like Ukrainian girls who are confident in their sexuality and are not shy of circumstances. read more here
Intelligence and education. Simple woman's happiness is a happy love, loving husband, friendly family, healthy children, sweet home; this is the real happiness for every woman. But if an ordinary woman is convinced that for a happy love it is necessary just to meet the right man, the Ukrainian girls think different and know that love is just like any other human relationship requires certain guiding efforts.more info
Focus on marriage and a family. A survey conducted in the U.S. revealed a curious fact: today men need more families and kids. Most women are committed to professionalism and career. If that survey took place in Ukraine, the result would be absolutely different.more info


small info about Ukraine: Full country name:Ukraine
Area: 603,700 sq km
Population: 48.05 million
Capital City:Kiev
People: Ukrainian 73%, Russian 22%, Jewish 1%
Language:Ukrainian, Russian
Religion: Ukrainian Orthodox, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox, Ukrainian Catholic
Government: republic
Major Trading Partners:Russia, China, Turkey, Germany, Belarus, US, Poland, Italy

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