Ukraine is a small country with a rich history and a generous nature.
The number one rule for every woman in Ukraine - a woman should be the hostess, a woman with good housekeeping skills. From generation to generation mothers and grandmothers try to pass on their experience to daughters and granddaughters. Typically, the Ukrainian girl is independent and hardy, she is not afraid of difficulties. But she is definitely not an unscrupulous bitch. Ukrainian brides are cheerful and gentle nature, they are infinitely kind and tolerant.
The brides from Ukraine are extremely popular in countries with significant level of life. And that's good, because every man is looking at his companion qualities such as sensitivity, gentleness, patience and devotion; none wants to spend the whole life with just a pretty soulless doll. In Slav woman a man can find all these qualities in abundance. At the same time they are very beautiful women. Among the Ukrainians you will rarely meet smoking and vulgar women.

Family and family happiness in the life of Ukrainian women play an important role. The home of the Ukrainian woman is her sanctum sanctorum, the best place which is covered her love, her diligence, and it is always clean and nice.
Almost all the girls from an early age are good cooks. Wide feast is a traditional way of showing a good attitude to the guests, and her husband and children will always be full and happy. The Ukrainian cuisine is an amazing variety of ethnic dishes, most of them you will not taste anywhere else. Typically, the Ukrainian woman cannot imagine her life without children. She's a wonderful and thoughtful mother always brings up a harmonious person. Ukrainian women are well-read, educated and cultured. They have a special charm of the sound of the Ukrainian language; they will always speak with sweet and musical accent.


small info about Ukraine: Full country name:Ukraine
Area: 603,700 sq km
Population: 48.05 million
Capital City:Kiev
People: Ukrainian 73%, Russian 22%, Jewish 1%
Language:Ukrainian, Russian
Religion: Ukrainian Orthodox, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox, Ukrainian Catholic
Government: republic
Major Trading Partners:Russia, China, Turkey, Germany, Belarus, US, Poland, Italy

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