One must note that foreigners like Russian women very much, they are more amiable, beautiful, housewifely and family-oriented, not carrier or business- oriented as their feministic intended countrywomen. That’s why if faith didn’t give them a family happiness in Russia why not try searching for it in foreign countries?
Many people wonder why now more and more successful Russian women having for example their own business are aimed at marrying a foreigner. An answer is trite and simple. These women are not satisfied with their family position, they want to feel themselves ‘married’ but not be a head of the family. Still western men pay attention at their family. It is not shameful for them as for Russian men to cook a breakfast for their wife, to help her with shopping or just to babysit. Unlike Russia where a woman works, earns more than her husband, carries the whole burden of household cares and problems, abroad men try to make their wife’s life easier.
It is pleasant for them to take care of their women. If a woman decided to become a housewife, her duty will be care for home and children only and a husband will help her at any moment giving her an opportunity to rest. Such a woman has a support during hard moments, a moral and physical one. Russian women don’t look for irresistible and young lookers as life partners. They are searching for a devoted, faithful, tender and sensitive person.


small info about Russia:

Full country name: Russian Federation
Area: 17.07 million sq km
Population: 144.53million
Capital City: Moscow
People: 81 Russian, 4% Tatar, 3% Ukrainian and numerous ethnic minorities
Language: Russian
Religion: Russian Orthodox, Islam, Animist
Government: federation
Major Trading Partners: EU (esp. Germany), Belarus, Ukraine, USA, China

On Sunday evening, on the 14th of September, the name of the winner of beauty contest ‘Miss America 2015’ was announced in Atlantic-City. A 23-year-old Russian girl Kira Kazantev from New York won the crown of the first russian beauty of the United States.