Acquaintances with men from the USA, Europe and Asia are a perfect opportunity to find a happy family and get rid of loneliness for many Russian and Ukrainian girls. Contrary to a common image, marriage with a foreigner is often an example of ideal family relations based on mutual love, respect and faithfulness. What is practically little accessible in Russian conditions where it may seem to be that a concept of marital fidelity is lost at all.
Yes, Russian girls best in the world know how to combine a family and a magnificent carrier, motherhood and a perfect body, stresses and a fresh beauty, an adult responsibility and a girl’s spontaneity.
Unfortunately, men have many stereotypes drawn from movies concerning Russian girls. ‘An exotic Russian woman seduces and American spy while he is trying to steal top-secret plans concerning a new submarine …’ Or ‘A rich American sees a poor Russian girl and moved by pity for her (she even can’t afford herself a heater!) marries her, takes her to New York, houses her in his luxury apartment, buys a Hammer…’ Or: ‘Russian girls wear ushankas, they are shockingly beautiful, they eat borsches, drink per day more vodka than an American per year, want from you money and an American passport, demand attention to themselves and want you to run round her and, also, all of them are secret agents’…
We hope that our site will help you to draw for yourself a full and harmonious portrait of a real Russian woman. The one as she really is…

Surfing the Internet searching a Russian girls, you find many various sites. Internet is stuffed with different small sites and mega portals of marriage agencies and dating services. They are just the bridge that connects Russian culture with the other cultures; that connects our girls and you - people who are looking for each other. Our marriage agency are always happy to help our ladies and gentlemen who address us to find their soul mates. We work for a decent aim: we make people happy; we bring sense to their lives; we help them to find their mates. Single Russian girls are not typical Western ladies you are used to dating with. Russian women are known to make faithful wives, excellent lovers and friends. Treat them as true marriage or dating partners and they will give you all their tenderness and love! Russian girls are surprising because feminism seems to be far from them. Strength and patience of a russian girl is beyond compare, but they know how to maintain their womanhood and tenderness. russiann girls don't lose female gentleness in their self-esteem. These girls are considered by many foreign men as very sexy ladies. www com net org ru us

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small info about Russia:

Full country name: Russian Federation
Area: 17.07 million sq km
Population: 144.53million
Capital City: Moscow
People: 81 Russian, 4% Tatar, 3% Ukrainian and numerous ethnic minorities
Language: Russian
Religion: Russian Orthodox, Islam, Animist
Government: federation
Major Trading Partners: EU (esp. Germany), Belarus, Ukraine, USA, China

What kind of a girl can be considered to be beautiful and which one pretty? Is there any differences between these concepts and is it essential in questions of acquaintances with women from Russia?Read more

What kind of a woman can be called ideal for a man? Who will try to make him search for not an entertainment for one night but relations for probably the whole life? Should she have a special appearance, clothes, body, spiritual qualities etc.? What do men search for in Russian women?