Most foreign men, married with women from Belarus proudly assert that their wives are very beautiful, attractive and elegant. They are emancipated in a good sense of this word, meaning well-educated, civilized and intelligent. Despite everything Belarussian wives preserved their best qualities: faithfulness, honesty, kindness, tolerance, and industry, which the western society so much lacks.

A popular Belarussian internet-edition made a polling among men. A single question was asked: how should an ideal woman and an ideal wife look. Beautiful, well-cared-for, active, smart, knowing how to be a life of the party, extravagant, artistic, dressing brightly and brassily, flirting and adoring being the center of attention, having beautiful legs and a dignity of bearing. Such fairies of daydreams touch secret strings in men’s hearts and make them thrill with delight and desire. However, these are only those women which men dream of when looking at magazines’ covers and TV-screens. In real life, one would like a wife to be not just beautiful but kind, faithful, tender, affectionate, sympathetic, not jealous, tolerant, charming, feminine, intelligent, a friend, an associate and helper, able to give a good advice one can’t avoid taking to heart. And, at last, Belarussian men just want to see an ideal wife being just a loving one. Such a Belarussian woman has shining eyes, she can do everything even if it’s hard’. Love gives her strength and self-belief, makes her wonderful and warming everybody around her with her tender warmth.

However, to match an ideal of a good wife, any Belarussian girl should also love not just her family, but herself as well. She should keep her body fit, manage to find time for taking care of herself, her hair which always served as a symbol of femininity and a subject of admiration for men. Absolutely any man wants his woman to be sensitive, tempting, sexy and know how to cook, to be able to dispel a fog of routine. A similar polling made among foreign men, married or being acquainted with girls from Belarus gave very similar results. For polled men an image of a Belarussian wife is very delicate, tender, tactful, having a good taste and having no bad habits. If to generalize, a generalized character of an ideal Belarussian wife in the eyes of a man is an image of a woman who is beautiful, a business-woman, a good mother, a wonderful homemaker, a faithful wife and a fascinating lover.