Armenian women are very vivid, bright, quite religious woman. In Armenia, Islam is the main religion only for 13 % of the citizens; the traditional religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which has played an important role in the life of society. Armenian women are very respectable and well mannered, but at the same time, they are modern and tend to self-realization. The girls, especially urban, very appreciate the opportunity to work outside the home because the work gives them a sense of independence and personal satisfaction. But family life is patriarchal, male, of course is the head of the family.
Traditional families tend to be very strong, as the spiritual and moral level of the Armenians is very high. Armenian girls are often married very early, literally at a young age.
Armenian girls are beautiful in their own way and charming. They are mostly swarthy girls, curly dark headed with lively and expressive eyes. These women are strong in spirit, have a strong character, they are self-confident and hardworking. They are loving mothers who can nurture in children a virtue, obedience and respect for elders. Brides from Armenia are excellent housekeepers, who can organize well the entire household, they are loyal, loving and esteeming their husbands. Taken in the traditional culture and education, they are the worthy daughters of their country and deserve the highest praise.