"At forty five – a woman is like a berry again!” - says the Russian proverb. Indeed, we can often see Russian women who have found a second youth at forty -five. The same happens with men, the older man – the more experience does he have. Sometimes this can improve the relations in their own family, sweeping changes in career, the appearance of the new hobbies, desires to travel.
A lot of doctors, psychologists wrote about the idea that at the age of 40-45 there is a real sex appeal and sex bloom of the woman. Previous marriages tend to fizzle out, or a woman is already alone, but busy raising a child, could not think about new family relations. At the age of forty children are usually completely independent. And it's time to let yourself to start your new life from the beginning. This is the age when you can afford everything - regardless of the opinion of others and morality, we are talking about how to make more comfortable the new part of the life. And nobody knows how long will you live – may be twenty, thirty, forty years. It is just a time to think about yourself, every person wants to be happy.
Of course, the age limit puts pressure on the Russian women much more than men. However, women have more pluses - their life experience is often much more varied than men’s. And it can be used wisely. This is the ideal age for the creation of new, mature relationships with men. And to start such a relationship is much easier. We are not talking about imposition. But her interest a Russian woman in this age can demonstrate openly. Especially if someone makes it clear that also is interested in long term relations in future.

And there is nothing to be ashamed of – an adult female is so attractive in the eyes of men, knows well what does she want. And she knows how to react on the current life events without extra illusions.
At the age of 45 the woman's body is still beautiful and she is like a young girl can surprise you. And at the same time this woman is truly wise and mature. The ancient Greeks believed that human flourishing becomes at forty-five. This is despite the fact that the average human life was much lower.