If the age of the Russian woman is approaching 40, it is not a reason for her to forget about her personal life, wear the shapeless robe and forget the way to the beauty salon. For many Russian women, who by this time had already had a career, grew children and prepare themselves to babysit the grandchildren, life is entering a new phase when they have a lot of free time when they can do something cool for themselves. The beauty in the middle-aged is the natural expression of femininity of each of us. Moreover, it gains the maturity and that unique harmony, which a canny woman boasts.
Russian woman under 40 is wise and patient; it significantly differentiates her from most of the young girls. And the man, who is getting older also as well, should pay attention to her merits by which middle-aged woman never ceases to attract the opposite sex.

The woman over 40 is self-reliant, financially independent and has her own apartment or even a house. She is not looking a man as a sponsor. In contrast to the “Mother’s Daughter" she will not extort money from her partner for a new cell phone , another handbag , cosmetics and fashion boots. She is quick-witted, wise and not vindictive. A man cannot torture himself with confessions about his past exploits - she already knows everything about him, so why do they need any quarrels? She knows how to control herself and never makes a terrible scene in a public place. Such women have a great experience of life, and would not expect from a lover the exploits in a bed after the tenth mug of beer. For a younger girl it will be difficult to accept it, to realize this as a fact. Such a woman will never tell her man that he "stole her youth and beauty."