For most Russian women at 35 this is the best time to create a family. The careless mistakes of the youth are in the past, in their eyes there is some alluring mystery of life and wisdom, and any 20 -year-old beauty envies because of their cat's grace and ability to feel their sexuality.
Over 35 women are done with all the experiments with their look – with what color of the hair she looks better she has already known.
She can review the photos of impertinent youth and remembers those times with a smile, she was a blonde several years ago, after that a girl with pink curly hair and here is a picture in green leggings, and with curved arrows – smoky eyes.

What could be more attractive that a look of a cat that had a good walk up? She knows what a full drive is, but now she does not need to lose her control at every opportunity. And it gives her a special mystique which is associated with her knowledge of the fullness of life. It is very cool when the Russian girl at 35 can remember her dancing on the bar or on the table, and night swimming in the pool or even in the fountain, and other crazy things of the passionate youth.
If at 20, a man could close his eyes on the poorly -cooked meat because of the lack of her cooking experience, the inability to prepare food at 35 can only afford a rich and insanely busy woman who has the ability to have a helper around the house or a personal chef. In all other cases she is just lazy or does not smart enough.
Even if there is no need for a lot of money (for example, she does not have a family and children) a woman has to work even a little bit and to make money even to buy some underwear and lipstick. In Russia if you are 35, a woman is not a helpless baby bird without possibilities of existence most of Russian women at this age are able to be financially independent.