TANYA The name is of Old Greek origin and it means "organizer, foundress" Since childhood Tatyana is noted for her emotionality and ability to stand up for herself; she adheres to her principles and the only thing is that her principles undergo changes owing to her today's mood. Among her peers she tries to be a leader. At school she goes in for sport; she cannot resist the temptation of going to dancing. Tatyana gets bored with monotony. As an adult Tatyana is quite stubborn and authoritative; she knows what she wants and she stands no objections. She will always hold her own. She will cope well with any work particularly if she has to do it in front of her chief. Being a chief herself she has a habit of pulling her subordinates up and show them their place. Tatyana is artistic and selfish; she loves men's company. At home she might be overbearing and nag at her relatives. She is often unhappy in her family life since on the one hand she tries to guide her husband and on the other she wants to have a strong and courageous man at her side. Tatyana's children are slightly afraid of her mother since she is strict and short-tempered and can lash out at them for no obvious reason. Tatyana does not have many friends; sentimentality is totally foreign to her nature and pragmatism dominates in her relations with other people. She follows fashion and prefers ready-made clothes. Well into adulthood Tatyana develops more tolerance which has a positive impact on her family life. She does not like complaining herself and cannot stand it with other people. She is jealous but stubbornly hides it. She cannot bear monotony; long voyages are her true passion.