LORA The name is of Old Greek origin; Larisa used to be a town in Ancient Greece. However there is another point of view suggesting that this name means "seagull". In childhood Larisa is a reserved girl who prefers to keep to the background in the company of other active and self-assured girls. However Larisa can overcome her vacancy and inactivity provided she is presented a dog. In such a case she will assume responsibility for it and looking at her pet's devotion and affection she will feel her concernment. Larisa is everyone's blue-eyed girl since she is harmless, obedient and modest. As an adult Larisa never imposes on other people her opinion nor her feelings although she takes much close to heart and is very thin-skinned. Her obedience can do her harm as Larisa may become a lover of a married woman or enter dubious relationships with young men and later she may not pluck up enough courage to sever it. On the surface Larisa is reserved and taciturn. She often indulges into her work and can devote her whole life to it. Larissa is a creative personality; she can achieve success in the filed of linguistics, philology or programming. Working as a nurse in orphan's home she can substitute a mother to her wards. Larisa thinks the world of children who may abuse her kindness and devotion and make her jump when they snap their fingers. At the same time Larisa is shrewd and as far as upbringing is concerned she prefers carrots rather than sticks. In intimate relations Larisa is gentle, delicate and sensual. She is meek and mild and will not argue with her husband and mother-in-law. In order to preserve peace in her family Larisa is ready to sacrifice her self-esteem. Larisa can be easily offended but if so she will not show it on the surface and make a scene although that insult will be eating away at her for much time to come. Larisa is very patient; she does not try to change her husband and prefers to put up with all his disadvantages and unfair attitude towards her. She is a faithful wife and her husband's adulteries provoke in her the feeling of disgust to such an extent that her husband's unfaithfulness can irreversibly poison their relations and lead to a divorce. She is never able to forgive adultery although being single entails much trouble for her.