Russian girls - what are they? What do you need to know if you want to marry a Russian woman?

To get acquainted with the Russian girl, and, most importantly, you want that your future relationship become successful, a man must have an idea of what are they these Russian women, to know the characteristics of their mentality , preferences, and main national traditions.
The most important thing for the majority of Russian women is strong and friendly family, and material well-being, they are romantic and believe in love of your life and if they found it, for most of them this is till the end of their life and always with passion. “Real Love is not a fire, but when it is burning –it is impossible to extinguish it " ( Russian proverb) . They believe that your destiny can be found anywhere, even on the dating website. Because in Russia there are still strong patriarchal traditions, girls are brought up appeasable and obedient, with lots of patience and humility, admitting the authority of the men in the family. And of course, the Russian girls are famous of their beauty, sincerity, thrift.
Why European men are attracted to Russian girls and what ladies do not like in European men ?

First of all, in men with a European mentality Russian women value the reliability. They believe that foreign men provide them with stability, and they will be with husbands as behind " a stone wall ." Many women believe that European husband will never become an alcoholic, the probability of which is high enough for marriage with a Russian man. Girls are attracted by the material side, because the level of life in Europe is much higher, and life there is prestigious. The cultural life of European men is also higher than the Russians. They are polite, men of tact, nurtured on the respect for the woman and with a charm. However, the slavic girls do not understand the practicality and pragmatism of the Europeans, when on the first dating girls from Russia have to pay for themselves in restaurants and do not get expensive gifts. Such practicality a Russian girl will call greed. Girls which know from their childhood that the main role of the woman to be a loving mother and a good housekeeper cannot accept the European principles that a woman has to earn money and do not stay at home all the time.
What are the difficulties you can meet living together after marriage with a bride from Russia?
In family life especially from the beginning for people of different cultures there are a lot of problems. For a woman, it's a language, personal and moral issues. Russian wife abroad is in need of spiritual communion and understanding. Often they cannot find that warm, those warm conversations they are used to have at home. A man should understand this and to communicate more with his woman to help her to find some friends among the Russian émigrés.
Where to get acquainted with a Russian girl?
With the development of modern technology most marriages between slavic women and Europeans are through online dating agencies or services of online dating. They will help you to understand all the features of Russian female nature in direct communication with the girls. If a man is serious about a marriage with a wife from russia, our dating web site is the best tool which will help him to find his special woman and to create with her a happy marital family.


In western countries, especially in those accepting male immigrants in big quantities, in the USA and Canada, there is a chronic lack of family-oriented women. An object of a focused attention following streams of Chinese and Filipino brides became Russian girls – white-skinned, educated, pretty and sexy. The bridal market needed a new brand and it got it – 'the Russian brides’ Read more