For men who connected their destiny with a Russian bride a question appears sooner or later – where and how can his choice get a job? And men should be ready that the majority of offers concerns a sphere of service. A house wife, a babysitter, a carer – all these ‘positions’ are widely accessible to Russian women.
Well, an acquaintance took place, relations developed in a direction needed and here you are: a marriage is contracted, a woman goes to a country where her choice lives…
The time of getting used to one another, mastering a language, accepting the new mentality an so on passes. Everything becomes stabilized. And there comes a moment when a woman begins to experience discomfort because she has to ask for money even for trifles, to find a business for herself while her husband is at work.
And some can feel a need of job even earlier. Especially those who worked diligently in Russia. An abrupt change of life rhythm causes depression with such ladies. They feel a need of having a job.

There is also a category of Russian girls who marry abroad with a thought that they will be there behind their husband as behind a stonewall, they won’t have to work and they will be living in easy street for the whole of their life. That’s why they don’t aim at learning the language (confine themselves to an everyday vocabulary), looking for a job etc.
But their husbands often have a different opinion. For instance, for many men from Europe as well as from America it is bizarre to see their wife in a role of a housewife, it is acceptable only within a period of bringing up children and to a certain age. That’s why it happens that ‘Russian brides’ sooner or later have to begin their search for work even if their husband is a quite well-fixed man.
The first thing that should be considered while leaving for a new place is a variant of job in a segment with Russian-speaking clients. What can it be? For example, it is possible to find one’s place in the field of acceptance and service of Russian-speaking tourists, to occupy oneself with translations, to occupy oneself with organizing leisure or become a guide. Knowing the local and the Russian language and having a certain business acumen one can organize a quite profitable business.
Besides, people who know the Russian language are required in the shops and salons serving with rich Russians. The latter coming on weekends to have a walk through boutiques of Milan, London and Paris or make a manicure or have their hair cut in a famous ‘CARITA’ salon often deal with a language barrier problem. And just in such VIP-class places your know-how can be of service to you, naturally, if it is at an adequate level. Yes, it is hard to get a job in such a salon but I believe it is possible!
A good job for your Russian wife can become a job in another luxury-segment – a field of sale of expensive realty. There is no secret in that Russians on a massive scale buy houses and flats in resorts of Europe, America, on islands and coasts. A Russian-speaking consultant will be quite useful in such questions. Naturally, every Russian woman chooses by herself what to occupy herself with in a new country. And if she needs to work at all. There are many examples of Russian wives of foreigners who don’t work outside their home but occupy themselves with bringing children up and household affairs. They have time for fitness, reading books, their hobbies, visiting of various courses, meetings with friends, spiritual development. They are happy, their husbands are satisfied that their wife has a good mood, has enough sleep, is well-cared-for and always ready to support her man and pay attention to him.


Unfortunately, job for many Russian women abroad is most often not the most attractive variant. It’s a fact. In their motherland economists, pedagogues, doctors with a decent experience in a foreign country absolutely won’t be able to find a job without their diploma confirmation. What are the variants then?