Yoshkar-Ola is the capital of the Mari Republic, its political, economic, cultural and scientific center with the population of about 290,000 people. For a long time Yoshkar-Ola has been an important industrial center with more than 50 enterprises producing refrigerators, radio-parts, tools, bicycles, vitamins, artificial leather, fur goods, clothes, furniture, etc. Yoshkar-Ola is the administrative and political center of the republic. The residence of the Mari President is located there. The government of our republic works there too. They occupy a 7-storey gray building in Leninsky Prospect, one of the busiest thoroughfares of the city. Government building is part of the modern architectural ensemble. Another architectural ensemble can be seen in Lenin Square which is the heart of the capital. It is very attractive. One can't but admire the buildings of Mari State University, Mari Technical University and the Mari National Drama Theatre which is also the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The city has some theatres, 9 schools of higher education, a Research Institute, a Museum of Local Studies, a Fine Arts Museum, a lot of schools, libraries and recreation centers. The city of Yoshkar-Ola is new and young. Here and there you can see modern construction sites. The city is constantly changing and striding to its future.


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