Yaroslavl is the capital of Yaroslavl region in the Eastern European Russia, on the upper Volga River. It is a river port, a major rail junction, and a center of industry, tourism, and commerce. Yaroslavl was founded as a fortress-town at the beginning of the 11th century by the Prince of Kiev Yaroslavl the Wise. According to the legend he subdued the pagans by killing the sacred bear. Since 1218 Yaroslavl is the capital of the Yaroslavl principality. In 1750 there was lifted the curtain of the First Russian Professional Drama Theatre. The names of the outstanding people who lived in Yaroslavl are forever put into the annals of the world history. Yaroslavl can deservedly be considered the cultural capital of the Golden Ring of Russia. Yaroslavl is one of the top 3 cities in the country, and the city itself is the biggest after Moscow by its economic and intellectual potential. The trade turnover of the regional industrial enterprises is about 1 billion dollars per year. There exists a special infrastructure for the investors, businessmen and guests of the city. It includes a developed bank system, a number of consulting organizations, financial mediators and insurers, hotel and tourist service.


1. Marriage agency " Wind of Change"
street Tereshkova , 13/ 5, office 3
+7 ( 4852) 12-21-90

2 . Dating service " Midshipman "
street Sobinova, 31/6
+7 ( 4852) 30-56-38
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3 . Marriage agency " Matchmaker "
street Volodarskogo 8
+7 ( 4852) 32-89-32
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4 . Marriage agency "Morning Star"
street Kharitonov , 7a
+7 ( 4852) 94-34-35
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