Vladimir is the capital of Vladimir region, W central European Russia, on the Klyazma River. Vladimir does not rank among those regions with a wealth of mineral resources. Its main minerals are peat, carbonate rock, and a large reserves of moulding sand and brick clay. The region has significant deposits of peat amounting to 59 million tons . Total reserves of carbonate rock are mainly located in the area of Oksko-Tsnininsky Hill, where its layers reach 130 meters. Very clean and free of admixtures quartz sand consisting of small particles can be found on the south of the Vladimir region . Quartz sand is widely used in the production of glass and crystal. Also there are workable deposits of phosphorus, iron ore, and gypsum. Timber is another major resource of the Vladimir region. On the territory of Vladimir there are also natural sources of mineral water. Vladimir numbers amongst the most developed conomic areas in the Central Economic Region of Russia. The region's industrial production comprises 0.7% of the Russian roduction volume. The industry represented by nine industrial branches plays a leading role in production. Measured by production volume, the region numbers amongst the first 20 of the 79 regions in Russia. Vladimir is the surprising ancient city, which has concentrated a significant part of historical-cultural property of Russia, its unique appearance amazes the visitors from all countriesmany centuries with beauty and greatness .


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