Vinnitsa is located on the marvelous banks of the legendary Southern Bugh River. The city of Vinnitsa is popularly known as the jewel of Podilla. It happily combines the achievements of civilization with pure natural beauty of surrounding diverse countryside. Nowadays Vinnitsa is more than six hundred years old. Its eventful history saw numerous rises and falls. Hard times of Mongol-Tatar yoke were followed by the rule of Lithuania and later of the medieval Poland and still later came invasions of the Turks and Tatars and the despotic rule of the Russian Empire. Its geographical position and the outstanding historic events both shaped the constructural development of Vinnitsa. The study and restoration of our architectural heritage as well as new constructions contribute to preserving the peculiar recognizable look of Vinnitsa, its tranquil style. The visitors will enjoy the co-existing past and present. The Museum of Regional Studies and the Art Gallery hold priceless treasures of painting, drawing, sculpture, as well as a vast collection of folk handcraft. They also feature numerous historic exhibits, artifacts and ethnographic finds of our more than two thousand years of history. Today Vinnitsa is not only the economical and cultural center, but is a powerful industrial city of the independent Ukraine. Its enterprises and factories have impeccable reputation, appealing image and their products are of highest quality.