Ulianovsk the multinational city in Russia where side by side live and work people of about 100 nationalities. Mainly, they are the Russians, the Tatars, the Chuvashs and the Mordovians. People of different religions live in Ulianovsk. The majority of the population professes Christianity and Islam. For the last decade 100 orthodox temples, one German church and about 80 mosques were restored and constructed. Monasteries and spiritual educational institutions are under construction. The cultural traditions of the region have deep roots. Nowadays two museums are here: the Museum of Local Lore and the Museum of Art. Both of them exist more than hundred years. In Ulianovsk lived and worked such people as the writer Nikolay Karamzin, the poets Nikolay Yazykov, Dmitry Sadovnikov, Dmitry Minayev. Near Simbirsk lived Denis Davydov and Nikolay Ogarev. It is the birthplace of the outstanding artist of the present A.A.Plastov. Now there are dozens of museums and their branches, the creative unions of writers, artists and journalists. Besides there are the regional Drama Theatre and the State Philharmonic Society in the region. The Ulianovsk Academic Symphonic Orchestra is known not only in Ulyanovskaya Oblast and Russia, but also abroad.


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