Ukhta, a town of the unique destiny, is placed at the very center of Komi, along the picturesque northern Ukhta-river. Ukhta lies within the Pechora Basin, a significant oil and natural gas area. Some oil is refined locally, but most is conveyed via pipeline to refineries between St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is a town of oilers and gas industry workers, constructors and foresters, student and scientists. In the old times it was an out-of-place taiga place, straight street and avenues cut through now. There are multi-stored apartment houses and offices, parks, movie theatres and colleges. Ukhta is a modern town with well-equipped enterprises and its scientific and educational potential is really huge. It can take a lot of time to innumerate what has happened in our town since it was established. Oil and gas production gave birth to our town and step by step it has become a center of the northern part of Russia. Ukhta has already built up a business market basic. The securities market, credit resources market, land market and real estate market. More than 2 000 enterprises of different forms of possession function in here. Ukhta is a town of students. The Ukhta State Technical University is the only one in Komi. The educational system in the process of reforming as the spirit of the age demands it. All this is the key to success for the youth of the town.


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