Ujgorod is an ancient Ukrainian city with more than eleven centuries history, is a regional centre of Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia). This area, located in the geographical centre of Europe with its beautiful mountains, waterfalls and Alpine valleys can be truly named one of the most picturesque regions of Ukraine. The Ujgorod derives from the name of the river Uzh ("grass-snake") that separates the old and the new city districts. To-day the population of Ujgorod is 130000. The tourists will certainly enjoy its quite parks, embankments, the central part of the town, the historical and architectural monuments. These include: the Medieval castle of the 10th-16th cc. (its original appearance was restored in the 12thc., to-day it houses the Local Lore Museum and Art Gallery); the neo-Baroque Cathedral ensemble (1646, originally it was a Jesuit Monastery and later in 1773 it became a Greek-Catholic Cathedral, during the Soviet era the cathedral was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church and now it is once again a Greek-Catholic Cathedral); Goryany Rotunda (12th c., built in the shape of a hexahedron with walls 2-2,5 m thick, ornamentation dating to 1360-70 has been preserved). Guests of Ujgorod can enjoy visits to the following sights: The Lore Museum, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, Transcarpathian Art Museum, the Memorial F.Manilo Museum, etc.