Tver is the capital of Tver region in Russia at the confluence of the Volga and Tver rivers. A major port on the upper Volga, it is linked with Moscow by the Moscow Canal. Tver is the soul of Russia. It is situated in the northwest region of Russia. Tver takes the advantageous geographical position at the intersection of the international and internal communications (railways, motorways and waterways) connecting Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Tver is a land of forests, rivers and lakes. It is the place where such great rivers as the Volga, the Dnepr and the Northern Dvina and 1500 small rivers more originate from. Since olden days the real natural treasure of the Upper Volga has been the Lake Seliger and all the Valdai lakes where the Volga springs from. The majority of the lakes is connected by channels and rivers, forming the network that are of great importance as a place of rest and tourism. Tver is rich in monuments of the 18-20th centuries: 14 cities have the status "the monument of town-planning". The unique landscape gave rise to extremely beautiful projects. Many places bore the names of "Russian Italy" or "Russian Switzerland". There is a special route for tourists called 'Pushkin ring of the Upper Volga region' over residential places of the poet. The ancient history, the advantageous geographical position between two Russian capitals, abundant nature, the developed industry, the intellectual, scientific and cultural potential give hope that the Tver will attract attention of tourists.


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