Tula is the Russian city situated in the central part of the East European plain. Tula is one of the most ancient cities of the Russian State. For the first time it was mentioned in 1146 as a city in the Ryazan princedom. In the first half of XIV century Tula belonged to the Golden Horde empress Taidulla, but later the city was won back by the Ryazan prince. From the beginning of XVI century Tula was a part of the Moscow State. In XVII century Tula became the centre of metal working and weapon manufacture. In 1712 according to Peter's I decree the first Russian armour works was laid here. The Tula State Museum of Weaponry has the collection of weapon from the times of Peter I up to nowadays. Tula is not only a smithy of the Russian weapon, but also the native land of the samovar, gingerbread and even the Russian cycling. The oldest Russian bicycle track is situated here (since 1897). The samovar is a part of lifestyle and destiny of our nation, being reflected in its proverbs and sayings, in works of such writers and poets as Pushkin and Gogol, Blok and Gorky. The samovar is poetry. This is a part of kind Russian hospitality. It is a circle of friends and relatives, warm and intimate rest. In the second half of XIX century Tula was one of the leaders in manufacture of samovars. In the museum you can learn the history of samovars, see the unique collection of samovars of various times and forms.


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