Tuapse is the Russian city in Krasnodar kray (region), 439 km west of Krasnodar. Located on the coast of Tuapse Bay of the Black Sea, bordered by foothills of the Greater Caucasus. Seaport. Appeared as settlement around the Russian fortification of Velyaminovskoye, founded in 1838. Since 1866, a posad (industrial centre) of Velyaminovsky, since 1896, a posad of Tuapse, called after the river of Tuapse; the district centre of the Black Sea government. City since 1916. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, Tuapse developed due to construction of the Novorossiysk - Sokhumi and Maykop - Tuapse highways, the seaport and the Armavir - Tuapse railway. The seaport of Tuapse specialises in export of petroleum and petrochemicals, transhipment of bulk and general cargoes. Present Tuapse has an oil-refinery, an engineering plant, a seaborne machinery works; a shoe factory; flavouring industry (a meat-processing plant, a dairy factory, a winery, etc.); production of building materials.