Tomsk is the Russian city situated in the southeast of the West Siberian plain. Tomsk arose in 1604 as the Russian fortress on the bank of the river Tom. In 1629 the city became the centre of the region, later the trading and craft centre of Siberia. In 1719 Tomsk was added to the Yenisei province, in 1726 - to the Tobolsk province, since 1782 it is the regional city of the Tobolsk region ruled by governor-general. Due to construction of the Siberian high road Tomsk became an important transit trade centre. Since 1804 Tomsk is the centre of the Tomsk province. At the close of XIX century the city played a role of the large economic and cultural centre of Siberia. In Tomsk there are 28 species of wild animals, more than 40 species of birds and 15 species of fish that have commercial value. Nuts, mushrooms and berries are stored up here. Tomsk is of special interest among tourists. Cultural (cultural - historical, cultural - cognitive), ethnographic, archeological, religious tourism may be developed here. The overland route called "the tea way" left its traces in the Tomsk appearance. During two centuries the Moscow - Siberian high road influenced the original architectural and historical look of the city. Tomsk is known for its cultural traditions.


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