Taganrog is a seaport in Rostov oblast (province), southwestern Russia. It lies on the northern coast of Taganrog Gulf of the Sea of Azov. Founded as a fortress and naval base in 1698 by Peter I the Great, Taganrog developed in the 19th century as a grain-exporting port. Although overshadowed by Rostov-na-Donu, it is still a significant port for the Donets Basin coalfield. The population of city now is more than 300 thousands. The city is an administrative part of Rostov-on-Don oblast (the distance between two cities is 70 km); the distance to the border with Ukraine is about 50 km. Taganrog is the large industrial center. The city is also famous as a native city of Russian writer Anton Chekhov.


1. Marriage agency "Chance"
str. Alexander , 101
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2 . Dating service "Duet"
str. Factory 4
+7 (8634) 62-44-83