Svetogorsk is a town of 18,000 located 140 kilometers (85 miles) from St. Petersburg and 1 km (62 mile) from the Finnish border, said a compensation plan of 800 million rubles ($160,000) will be spent to temporarily relocate, clothe and feed homeless survivors in the nearby towns of Kamenogorsk and Vyborg and another 500,000 rubles ($100,000) will go toward compensating the victims. The history of Svetogorsk starts from the purchase of the Raikellakoski waterfall in 1887 and the construction of this dam in 1910. It is a monument of industrial architecture. The dam was designed by Accel Yuselius Sanstundin and built by Harald Dagberg. Svetogorsk is a beautiful place for outdoor rest. The picturesque bank of the Chyornoye Lake is perfect for family recreation and parties. Enjoy the calm beauty of nature. You will get unlimited rest opportunities. A perfect place for walking and resting where you can hire a boat, catamaran, or a motor boat and take an exciting trip. Unforgettable fishing and forests full of mushrooms and berries. Svetogorsk is the leading supplier of copy papers in Russia as well as key supplier to Western European markets.