Stavropol is the administrative centre of Stavropol kray (region), southwestern Russia, situated on the Stavropol Upland near the source of the Grachovka River. Stavropol is referred to the historical cities of Russia. It is not because of its age but the value in the history of the country. The city arose as an advanced post that served to strengthen and expand the borders of the Russian State in the times of its turning into the great power. Stavropol grew out of a fortress founded in 1777 on the Azov - Mozdok security line. Soon it got value of the important economic centre of the Northern Caucasus. Stavropol is one of the centres of education, science and culture of Stavropolsky krai. The first Russian drama theatre, the first newspaper "Stavropol provincial sheets", the first public library and the first museum of local lore are among the merits of Stavropol in development of culture and education of the Northern Caucasus. Nowadays the educational complex of the city consists of 48 institutions, including four grammar schools, seven licea, 12 schools with profound studying of various subjects. In the city there are 69 preschool institutions, 57 of them are municipal, five children's homes, 27 institutions of additional education.


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