Stariy Oskol is the administrative centre of Starooskolskaya area. The city is situated on Central Russian upland. Stariy Oskol is one of the richest areas of Kursk magnetic anomaly. 212 thousand inhabitants live in the city. Unique stocks of iron ores and the fertile ground make a basis of economy of area. The city was founded in 1593 for protection of southern boundaries of Russia. In the western area of Stariy Oskol there are comfortable beach on the river bank and pine parks near the residential district. 28 large industrial enterprises are located in the city. They are giants of metallurgical industry. Educational and cultural spheres also develop greatly. The center of the city becomes more beautiful and equipped with modern conveniences. Construction of the second underground transition comes to the end, 3 foot bridges are constructed. Programs "Gardening", " Fountains of Oskol " are carried out. The creation of a huge park is planned. It would be the largest city park with attractions, cafe and cinema halls - " Starooskol Disneyland ".


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