Siktivkar, the capital of the Republic of Komi, is situated on the high left bank of the river Sysola (a quay) 1515 km to the northeast of Moscow. The city runs along the river banks Sysola and Vychegda. The climate is moderately continental, with long, rather severe winter and short, comparatively warm summer. Once upon a time instead of Siktivkar there stood an ancient village Ust-Sysolsk. Its inhabitants were peasants and merchants. Development of trade and agriculture allowed the small village to be noticed by Catherine II in the course of her administrative reform. So Siktivkar became the regional centre of Komi. In present Siktivkar there is the large timber industry complex (the pulp-and-paper and cardboard manufacture, hydrolytic and barmy plant; sawing and wood-working mill, 2 furniture factories). Siktivkar has the forestry machine-building and experimental mechanical plants, the factory of nonwoven materials, enterprises of building materials and the food-processing industry. Siktivkar Forest Enterprise is the main timber processing enterprice in Komi Republic, North of European Russia, which produces not only pulp and paper products but also plywood and chipboards. The site is not very big but rather informative, especially as concern volume and structure of products.


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