Seversk is a Russian city located in Siberia, approximately 15 km north-west of Tomsk and 3 000 km east of Moscow. It is one of Russia's closed cities, and until 1993, was known only by the name Tomsk-7 (a post office box number). Closed city means that it is really closed, and the citys entire perimeter is encircled with a triple line of fences and prickly wire. The population of Seversk is 119 000 inhabitants. It is the city of the largest Russian industrial enterprise, the Siberian Chemical Plant (SCP). The city is situated beside the River Tom, a tributary of the River Ob, and has a population of 107 000. There are two roads that lead to Seversk, and both are guarded by military checkpoints. The main entrance is located at the south end of the enclosed area on the main road between Tomsk and Seversk. The town itself is easily visible from the Tom River which is openly accessible to anyone. You can not find the city of Seversk on a map. Seversk is the largest of the Minatom closed cities and the only one of them visited by us in this tour.