Severodvinsk (formerly Molotovsk) is a city and seaport of Archangelsk oblast (province), northwestern Russia. It lies on the shore of the White Sea's Gulf of Dvina, at the western edge of the Northern Dvina River delta. The city was founded after the October Revolution (1917) as an outport for Archangelsk city. History of building Severodvinsk is similar to that of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and Magnitka. The first builders of Severodvinsk were a few of the Komsomol members as well as thousands of prisoners of Yagrinlag who were brought there without their own will. Living in the tents they built 50-km railroad in just 4 months that was open in November 1936. Then work began on the submarine shipyard. As an award for the hard work, the USSR Government gave the settlement status of the city and named it Molotovsk on August 11, 1938. Now Severodvinsk is a second largest city in the Archangelsk region. It has a population of 240,000 people. Its main industry remains defense - construction and repair of submarines. The first nuclear submarine "Lenin's Komsomol" was built here in 1957. In the beginning of 1980s the world's biggest submarine, "Typhoon", was also built here, and it was later recorded in the Guinness' World's Records book.


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