Severodonetsk is a city in Lugansk oblast, eastern Ukraine, in the valley of the Donets River. The city was founded in 1934 as the site of a new chemical complex, part of which was evacuated eastward during World War II. Severodonetsk by few more than sixty years. It birth and biography indissoluble are connected to construction here of chemical combine. The first stones of its base were incorporated per far thirtieth years. Together with chemical factory the working settlement Lischimstroy grew also. At the end of a 1950 it was renamed in Severodonetsk, and in a 1958 has received the status of city Just from it by development this boundarouse has accepted modern industrial shape. There are 9 research institutes, including departments and branches in Severodonetsk. Three maximum educational establishments, chemical-mechanical technical school, state musical school three musical school, one art, 18 comprehensive schools. In Severodonetsk's there are a lot of sports structures two stadium, Ice palas of sport two pool, sports halls and schools, health-improving centers. In city there are champions of the World, Europe, Ukraine and foreman of sport of the international class. Today Severodonetsk totals about 140 thousands of the inhabitants