This small comfortable city with the population just 40 thousand people has a great run as a unique health resort. It is separated from Evpatoria by 20 km of sandy road along the magnificent beaches. The climate in Saki is maritime-steppe, mild, with warm winter. The annual air temperature is 11,2 above zero. The medium temperature in summer +22C, in winter about zero. The duration of northern lights during the year -2500 hours. Saki is the oldest health mud-bath resort of Europe. According to Plineus Seniour, the ancient Romans knew about the curative behavior of Saki mud. In the Middle Ages local people treated with its help actively. Having returned home, the man discovered that the pain in his legs disappeared. If its true or not no one can tell now, but in 1827 -1828 years the first in Russia mud-bath resort was founded, and 10 years later the department Simferopol military hospital was opened here. Not far from this town there is thermal spring. People who cant move by themselves often treat in Saki. There they have not only qualified help, but they are surrounded by attention and care. The pride of the city is resort park with 80 kinds of trees and bushes.