Pyatigorsk is one of the oldest health-resorts of Russia. The town is located in the South of Stavropol region in the middle of the North Caucasian Mineral Waters health-resort area. Its a multi-profile spa. Many people of our country restore their health here as well as the guests from abroad. The health-resort provides the unique medical resources, its underground wealth supplies 50 different mineral springs of 5 different types. Steppe climate is typical for the area. The best period of a year is the time from May till October, when the weather is warm and dry. The height of Pyatigorsk is 550m above sea level. The town covers 82 km. Its one of the efficacious spas of this country has been developed on the basis of the local curative springs, medical mud, taken from the Tambukan lake (its located within 10 km from the town), plus the moderate climate of the area - all these combined works wonders. Now it is a scientific methodical centre of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Pyatigorsk and its environs are very interesting for holiday-makers and tourists. The most popular places in Pyatigorsk are the Tsvetnik Park, the State Museum of M.J Lermontov, the Museum of Regional Studies. There is one of the most picturesque places of Pyatigorsk on the South slope of Mashuk mountain the natural sink hole pond Proval. The formation of the Proval pond relates to karst phenomenon. At the bottom of Proval the pond was formed fed by sulfur spring water.


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