Pskov is one of Russia's oldest and most beautiful cities, it boasts one of the greatest number of extant historical monuments - over 300. The earliest go back to the 12 th century, the latest to the early 20 th. There is a natural combination of ancient monuments (fortified walls with towers, churches and monasteries, and merchant's chambers) and modern buildings. It was the strongest fortress on the western border of Russia. Pskov's historical destiny as a warrior intercessor was reflected in its monuments, especially its architecture, an extraordinary, permanent, genuinely popular epic in stone. Those, who once upon a time came to Pskov bringing war and devastation, saw the invincible might of the fortress walls, the unshakable strenghth of Pskov churches. This fortress stands on a long, rocky promontory between the Pskova and Velikaya rivers. There are many churches in Pskov. You can visit Kremlin with beautiful Trinity Cathedral, 17th century. There you can see 7 tier iconostasis.. There are two professional theatres in Pskov - Pushkin Drama Theatre and Puppet Theatre. Our Theatres: fun and pleasure for all who stay young at heart. The picturesque nature, plenty of forests, rivers, lakes create the perfect conditions for rest. Walk and fill your lungs with fresh air, enjoy the green silence and grand views. Enjoy a romantic sunsets that touch your soul. Imagine being able to concentrate on revitalizing the passions of what's truly important to you.


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