Pervomaisk is the city of regional submission. Administratively and territorially the city is divided into three cities: Pervomajsk, Zolotoye. Gorskoye and 2 settlements of city type: Nizhneye, Toshkovka. The national structure is various: most part of the population make Ukrainians, the third part - Russians, more than 20 nationalities. Structure of the management of Pervomaisk city council and executive committee. 365 enterprises are registered in Pervomaisk - legal persons and more than 1,5 thousand subjects of enterprise activity - physical people. The main enterprises of Pervomaisk are coal-mining and concentrating enterprises GHK "Pervomaiskugol", machine-building and mechanical plants.The majority of the enterprises of city carries out the foreign trade activities connected to the states of the CIS and the European states - Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy.