Perm (formerly Molotov), is the administrative centre of Perm oblast (province), western Russia. Perm is situated at the foot of Northern and Middle Ural on both banks of the Kama River below its confluence with the Chusovaya. It is a transfer center for rail and river traffic and a major producer of machinery in the Urals industrial region. Perm also has chemical plants and oil refineries. Perm is famous for its cultural traditions, theatres and museums. There are 10 professional theatrical collectives, 18 museums, the circus, the philharmonic society and the unique in Ural planetarium. In the regional centre there are the Perm Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Chaykovsky, the Theatre of Young Spectator, the Theatre "Eugeny Panfilov's Ballet", the Municipal Theatre "At the bridge", the Academic Drama Theatre, the Puppet Theatre, the Contract Theatre "Big wash", the Theatre "Ironic company". Near Perm on the high bank of Kama the famous architectural and ethnographic museum "Khokhlovka" occupies 42 hectares. Unique wooden constructions of 17-19th centuries were transported from the north of the region. Each summer open-air folklore festivals take place here. Collectives from many regions of Russia assemble on this occasion.


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