Ozersk is rge Russian town of the Chelyabinsk region. It was founded on the banks of lake Irtyash more than 50 years ago. So, the town is very young. Ozersk is the center of atomic industry, and the main industrial enterprise is the chemical plan "Mayak". The history of our town is indissolubly connected with the prominent scientist Kurchatov. It was he who lead the team that produced plutonium for Soviet nuclears weapons. Ozersk is divided info two districts: the old one and the new district. The whole old district is declared the memorial of history and architecture by town's authorities and it is protected by law. Pushkin street is one of the oldest one in Ozersk. It is the most beautiful street of the town, calm. Green, with wonderful landscape. While walking along it, always feel yourself relaxed. There are many species of birds, animals and fish in our region. On basins there are sea - gulls, duck and thrushes. The most numerous of mammals are rodents: squirrels, beavers and hares. There are 16 species of fish: bream, crucian, pike and others. The largest and one of the most beautiful animalsis the elk. Ozersk is surrounded by 3 lakes. They are: Irtyash, Big Nanoga and Small Nanoga.