The history of the town of Orsk began in 1735 when a fortress was founded at the junction of the rivers Ural and Ob. Besides being a frontier outpost, the town would become a centre of extensive trade with the East. For two and a half centuries Orsk has turned into a big industrial centre, second largest town in the Orenburg Region. The administration of Orsk carries out extensive work aimed at support and development of all branches of the local industry, having such enterprises as the industrial complex Yuzhuralnickel, non-ferrous metal-working plants, an oil refinery, mechanical works, a synthetic spirits plant, Yuzhuralmash and others. The products of the Orsk meat-processing plant is famous not just in Russia, but beyond its bounds too. The administration pays special attention to the development of deposits located on the territory of suburban districts. Sizeable reserves of minerals are concentrated here: nickel, copper-pyrite, iron, manganese ores and chromites. Important railways, motor highways and air lines pass through the town. Due to stability in many branches of industry, the administration successfully solves social problems such as housing construction, provision of schools and medical facilities with the latest equipment. The cultural and sports life of the town is also supported; mass media are being developed. There are three television studios, five radio stations and a great many periodicals in Orsk.


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