Omsk is the city in the southwestern Siberia, Russia, situated at the confluence of the Irtysh and Om' rivers. Omsk was founded as a fortress on the left bank of the river Om in 1716, during the reign of Peter the Great. The founder of Omsk is considered to be lieutenant-colonel Ivan Buchgolz. He had by right evaluated the strategic benefit of the future fortress at the junction of two rivers Irtysh and Om. The first Omsk fortress was constructed on the steep left bank of Om, it was pentagon shaped with paling and surrounding ditch. Thus was founded one of the oldest cities in Siberia - Omsk. Omsk is the second most densely populated city in Siberia with the population of approximately 1.3 mln Omsk is by right considered to be one of Siberian cultural centers. Indeed, there are 6 theaters in the city, and the oldest one - the Drama Theatre - was established in 1876. There is also Vrubel's Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1924, - one of the Russian biggest art museums. More than 1600 invaluable pieces of art are collected there. Lives of many famous people are connected with Omsk and Omsk region, such as of Ermak, Radischev, Vrubel and Kolchak. Special attention of the tourists might be drawn to Omsk regional centers. The foundation and development of towns on the banks of the Irtysh is connected with economical progress of the region and with the history of administrative division of Siberia. Omsk region includes 6 towns and each of them is in its own way remarkable.


1. Marriage agency " Versailles "
street Tretyakov , 69a1.
+7 ( 3812) 38-71-83

2 . Dating service "Two"
street Serov , 16B
+7 ( 3812) 41-13-13

3 . Marriage agency "Harmony"
street Tarskaya 13a Office 605

4 . Marriage agency "Happy Life"
street Broz Tito, 2 office 1206
+7 ( 3812) 31-65-63
+7( 3812) 38-71-83