Novorossiysk is a city in Krasnodar region, southwestern Russia. Novorossiysk is the largest commercial port on the south of Russia. It was founded in 1838. The city is situated along the Tsemesk harbour, one of the most convenient harbours in the Black Sea, that is free of ice in winter time. It is 15 km long, 2-9 km wide, very deep and any ocean-going vessel can enter it. From the notrh-east and south-west the city is surrounded by mountain range. The harbour separates the western and eastern parts on the city. Eastern part is an industrial area. Founded as a fortress in 1838, it developed as a seaport, especially after the coming of the railway in 1888. In pre-Revolutionary days Novorossiysk was the largest grain-exporting port of Russia after Odessa. It is still a major Russian port on the Black Sea. There are 37 industrial enterprises in the city. There are may picturesque places not far from Novorossiysk: Abrau-Dyurso - the home of famous Russian champagne; sea-side camping Shirokaya Balka. In summer time thousands of visitors from northern parts of Russia gather on the beaches for sunbathing and swimming


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