Nakhodka is a city in Primorsky kray (region), extreme eastern Russia. Nakhodka, as a city, is quite young--it celebrated its 45th anniversary only in 1995. While the prehistory of the region goes back very far, of course, the modern history of Nakhodka dates to 1859. Nakhodka, which actually means "find", was discovered by the Russian sailing ship America, whence the name of the Bay, still known as Zaliv America. Of all the Pacific Rim's emerging regions, the Russian Far East is perhaps the least well-known. It is often forgotten, for example, that Russia is as much a country of the Asia-Pacific as it is of Europe. T Nakhodka is located near Vladivostok, the capital of Russia's Primorsky Krai province, on the Sea of Japan, bordering China and Korea. Nakhodka is central to this process of integration. It is Russia's primary Pacific port. Nakhodka's role as a port is not only to provide an engine for growth on its own, but is also a catalyst for the development of other industries, including manufacturing and services-a pattern that has been seen several times elsewhere in the region, from Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou, to Singapore and Seattle-Tacoma. The key is Nakhodka's significant port complex, consisting of four ice-free, all-weather ports.