Murmansk is a capital of Murmansk region,Russia, on the Kola Gulf of the Barents Sea. Murmansk is the largest city of the world within the Polar Circle. Its population is 390 thousand people. Almost the most part of Murmansk lies within the Polar Circle and is situated in the two physiographic zones: the tundra and taiga. The relief is presented by mountains, hollows and terraces. Due to the Gulf Stream there is no permafrost regions. The warmest district is the southern coast of the White Sea. Murmansk is a store of mining, copper-nickel, iron-ore, rare-metal and aluminium raw material. Stocks of nonmetal ores are also significant. They are vermiculite, phlogopite, muscovite, pegmatite, garnet, amazonite, fluorite and other minerals. There are a lot of museums in Murmanskaya Oblast. Among them are the Museum of History of Polar Olympiads, the Museum of Aircraft of the Northern Fleet, the Museum of History of Studying and Development of the European North, the Museum of History of the Kola Saams, the Museum of History of Kovdorsky district, etc. From the very beginning Murmansk was the city of seamen, fishermen, dockers and mechanicians. In Murmansk there is the most northern monastery of Russia - the Trifonov Pechenegsky Monastery. In various periods of Russian history it was a symbol and a pride of the great power and its orthodox people. Nowadays the monastery is being restored.


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