Mariupol was known from the beginning of the XVI century as the Cossacks fortress Kalmius. After the migration of the Greeks from the Crimea to that region in 1780 the town was renamed in Mariupol at their request. It is a splendid city situated on the coast of the Azov Sea, at the mouth of Kalmius River, only 116 km from Donetsk. Population of Mariupol is more than 500,000 people. Mariupol is an important seaport, a railroad terminus, and an industrial center. There are steel mills, shipyards, chemical plants, fish canneries and a metallurgical institute in the city. The modern emblem of Mariupol was confirmed in 1989. It is the shield per fess wavy to argent and azure. In the shield is the anchor with a ring as a ladle with poured metal. Number "1778" means year of the city foundation. The argent symbolizes steel, azure means sea, anchor means the port, ladle - metallurgy. During The Tour you could visit one of the Donetsk theatres, Regional Philharmonic Society, The City Planetarium, The Regional Museum of Fine Arts, The City Circus, one of more than 50 clubs and, of course, meet beautiful, educated and family-oriented women of Donetsk, as well as those from the surrounding cities. Mariupol has much to offer, but nothing compares to the beauty and sincerity of the women who live here.