Makeevka is situated in the south-east of Ukraine, 13 kilometers far from the regional centre Donetsk. Makeevka is a city with a long history. On its territory have been found 147 archeological relics, amongst which is the most ancient in Ukraine, a stone hand axe of the early Paleolithic period, which is of outstanding historical value. 73 burial mounds (kurhans) left by nomads: the Scythians, Sarmats, Polovtsians, etc. have also been located within the city boundaries. Makeevka (until 1931-Dmitriyevsk) was founded in 1690. The beginning of the history of Makeevka refers to the Cossacks settlements. Today Makeevka is one of the industrial cities in Ukraine with the area 425,7 square kilometres. It is populated with 429,400 people. Here live the representatives of more than 100 nationalities most of them are Ukrainians and Russians. Makeevka is an independent administrative-territorial unit, part of Donetsk region and city of regional subordinance. Makeyevka consists of 5 administrative districts: Tsentralno-Gorodskoy, Gornyatsky, Kirovsky, Sovietsky, and Chervonogvardeysky. Makeyevka has the Statute of territorial community that is a basic normative-legal act, a systematized code of principles, regulations, traditions which determines the order and procedure of local government establishment, the relations of the territorial community with the state and other subjects of law. Makeyevka has its own symbols: coat of arms, flag and anthem.