Kramatorsk is a city in eastern Ukraine, in Donetska Oblast about 80 km (about 50 mi) north of Donetsk. Kramatorsk is in the Donets Coal Basin, along the Kazennyy Torets River. The cityis not very large, but big enough in the region. Established as a railway station in 1868, the town grew from a number of nearby 18th-century settlements. Following industrial expansion at the end of the 19th century, it grew and gained city status in 1932. Then Kramatorsk became a large industrial center with many plants and factories. It is one of the largest centers of the building of heavy machines in Ukraine and an important rail junction. Kramatorsk is divided into two parts: Old Town and New Town. There is a railway station, a metal plant, a market and many shops in the Old Town. The New Town is very beautiful and attractive with its well-planned streets lined up with trees, many parks and gardens.We have lots of schools, libraries, cinemas, clubs and monuments in our town. There are two institutes in our town: the Engineering Academy and the Economic and Humanitarian Institute.We also have a nice town museum. It was founded in 1964 and consists of two parts: history and picture gallery. You can see a lot of pictures by Russian and Ukrainian artists there.